Meet the owners, Jeff and Christy Keffer.

Jeff and Christy met through a friend in the small town of Snohomish, WA which is about 30 miles north of Seattle. One day they were driving through the Malheur National Forest, and noticed a “For Sale” sign at the Austin House Cafe. Christy and Jeff are entrepreneurs with a great deal of experience running their own businesses. They were looking for a change in their lives at the time, and decided to inquire about the opportunity. Everything lined up perfectly for them to purchase the Café, so they packed up their belongings and kids and moved to Eastern Oregon in 2000 where they have been running the shop ever since. Their three daughters were a great help in running the business, though they are now grown and off experiencing their own life adventures.

In their spare time (at least a few minutes a week!) Jeff and Christy enjoy spending time in the outdoors, reading, and gardening. Jeff also paints with oils and acrylics, and jams on the guitar once in a while.